Did you know that 80% of your indoor air is continuously recycled through your cooling and heating air handlers.

We believe the purity of the air we breathe demands our attention and care.

Watch how our disinfection works

Safe & Effective

Ozone Purification

Ozone, a natural sanitizer, safely neutralizes microbes. PureAC generates and circulates ozone through your air conditioner and mini-splits, ensuring thorough and safe purification of every component, including the blower wheel.

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  • Enclosed Professional-Grade Technology

    Penetrates and disinfects where conventional products can’t

  • Confidence for Peace-of-mind

    Disinfects and inhibits growth of mold, mildew and contaminants

  • Ongoing Maintenance Support

    Improves and complements regular maintenance schedules

Air purification made simple for window & wall-mounted heating and cooling sytems

Manageable: Few component parts and light-weight

Time efficient: A small investment of set-up time allows for ongoing use

Installation process: Simple and uncomplicated

Safe: No use of harsh chemicals or water

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