Unmatched Defense Against Mold, Bacteria, and Germs from Your HVAC System

Ensure your family's well-being and maintain peak efficiency in your mini-split air conditioner system with PureAC. Its proven oxidizing process inactivates mold, bacteria, and germs, offering a touchless, professional-grade solution for those hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, PureAC's patented technology allows for repeated use, providing enduring protection and peace-of-mind for your family and HVAC investment.

  • 1. Attach

    Just place PureAC over your mini-split or window air conditioner.

  • 2. Start

    Simply press the button and the PureAC starts disinfecting.

  • 3. Remove

    In only 30 minutes PureAC disinfection is complete.

  • Utilizes the same disinfecting process found in medical facilities

  • Proven process to inactivate or kill bacteria, germs, allergens and mold

  • Disinfects hard-to-reach internal components that tend to develop mold and bacterial buildup

  • Easily and quickly maintain your indoor wall units over and over again

Breathing much better

"With four kids and a dog our house is very active. Even doing my best to keep up with maintenance we still had a lingering smell of mold. PureAC made all the difference in the world. All the kids are breathing much better and we haven't had an allergy attack in months."

Loretta P., Massachusetts

What are you really breathing from your HVAC system?

It's no surprise that air handlers are one of the top sources of air contamination, especially mold spores. Many don't know that they need to be cleaned regularly and more importantly disinfected. PureAC allows you safely and naturally to improve your indoor air quality, and remove unpleasant smells from your units.

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Innovative disinfection backed by science

Using touchless professional-grade disinfection, without using water or harsh chemicals, the PureAC creates a safely contained and natural disinfecting solution. Effectively kill and inhibit the growth of mold, bacteria, germs and smells with just the push of a button.

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  • "PureAC is so easy-to-use that I use it weekly to control any mold buildup in my unit. The mold and smell was bothering me, I’m so happy to have ordered PureAC. I have such peace-of-mind!" - Lynne C.

  • "Keeping the mini-splits clean was a real pain. And the funky smell really worried me. Since I bought the PureAC keeping my units clean is simple. Best yet the funky smell is gone. Thank you PureAC. This purchase was worth every penny!" - Owen L.

Common FAQs

1. Can I use PureAC on more than one wall mounted mini split?

Yes, if you have multiple wall mounted mini split systems that are the same size you can use the PureAC on all of them. We would recommend that you purchase and install a separate mounting plate on each wall mounted mini split system for ease of use.

If you have different size wall mounted mini split systems you will need to purchase the PureAC size that corresponds to the additional unit(s) you are looking to attach it to. PureAC currently comes in (3) widths, 33 inch, 37 inch, and 41 inch.

2. Is PureAC for window air conditioners also?

Yes! PureAC can also be used on window air conditioners. Just make sure to purchase the PureAC Window Air Conditioner Disinfecting Device.

3. How long will the PureAC filter last?

The filter cassette will last approximately 6 months with normal use.

4. What is considered normal use?

Normal use is defined as using the PureAC on a ductless mini split air handler (1) time every other week. You may use the PureAC more frequently if you prefer but the filter will need to be changed accordingly.

5. What is the efficacy of PureAC?

PureAC has been tested by an independent testing facility and shows effective disinfection levels for destroying various contaminants and pathogens. The PureAC utilizes the same disinfection process that is widely used in hospitals, home medical device disinfection, water purification and more.

6. Can I be in the room when PureAC is working?

Yes. It is completely safe to remain in the same room while the PureAC is working.