Our Mission:

Never have a bad AIR day!

All air you breathe, even from your heating and cooling system, should be safe, healthy, pure air.

With 40+ years of disinfection expertise our team knew essential devices affected our health and needed life-changing disinfection. This is how PureAC was developed. Our goal was to make home disinfection of our heating and cooling systems as easy as pressing a button.

Meet the PureAC’s Founders

Daniel St. Laurent

Dan's Story

From a very early age I can remember the ill effects that seasonal allergies had on me. As such, going outside in the warmer spring weather proved to be unbearable if not impossible. Due to these circumstances my father always made sure that my bedroom was an air conditioned place to retreat. Little did I know that the device that brought me so much comfort would also cause me to wake up in distress.

As a young man, I lived at home while attending college. When the seasons changed I would install and remove my own air conditioner. Normally, I would take the time to clean out the internal air filter and such, but on this particular day, in a rush I hastily installed the unit in my window and went to bed. About an hour later I woke up barely able to breathe! What I failed to clean was the inside of my air conditioner. I had mistakenly let the inner components sit and fester over the fall and winter months. The inside of my air conditioner became a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and other contaminants. The result was that it triggered my asthma into a severe reaction. I was literally gasping for air. When my emergency inhaler failed to work, I saw that I had a nebulizer nearby. I quickly did a treatment and took some Benadryl. In a little while the symptoms started to fade away. Thankfully the medications worked, but events could have turned far more serious. From that time onward I realized just how important it was to clean my air conditioner.

Now, a father of four, one of which suffers from similar allergies, I always make sure the air conditioner I installed in their bedroom, or in the house is cleaned well before using them. It wasn’t until years later when I started researching ozone that I decided to play around with this idea for cleaning air conditioners. I found that ozone was a very powerful natural cleaner. With this experience in mind, I started running straight ozone through my air conditioner at home and within minutes that musty-mildew smell dissipated. Little did I know that a colleague of mine was running a very similar scenario at his home.

A couple of years later after talking about new products to look at as a company, my colleague mentioned what he had been doing at home to clean his air conditioners and then he presented a concept of an idea to make this product. Based off of that idea and the fact that I too had been performing a similar approach at home, solidified the need for a device that could easily help maintain the cleanliness of an air conditioner style system. This collaboration led to the PureAC device that you see today. It is my sincere hope that you enjoy this product as much as we do. Together, let’s not have another Bad Air Day, but rather continue to Breathe With Confidence.

Ken Verish

Ken's Story

When it comes to the heat of summer, I really appreciate the benefit that air conditioning can bring. At the same time, it also brings with it some drawbacks that have to do with how these appliances do what they do.

Window air conditioners and similar mini-split units take in warm humid air, remove the humidity, cool the air, and return it to the room. The humidity condenses into water and is ultimately drained or evaporated from the unit. The nature of this process means that moisture is present in one form or another during much of the unit’s operation, which in turn, can be an invitation for water-loving organisms to set up shop.

I found this out the hard way, when my unit started to give off a foul odor and my family began to exhibit respiratory problems. I then saw the need to regularly disinfect my unit by disassembling and manually cleaning its inner workings. This was effective, but it also was messy, complicated, and time-consuming.

This led me to successfully experiment with a substance that had a proven track record of being able to sanitize and disinfect quickly and easily: ozone gas. Ozone gas effectively eradicates organisms such as bacteria, mold, viruses, and other contaminants. Because it’s a gas, it can make its way into and around all the surfaces within the unit.

The end result of all this is the PureAC, which safely harnesses the benefits of ozone gas and allows users to easily sanitize all their air conditioning units as often as they feel necessary.

Depending on our circumstances, we likely spend a good chunk of our days and nights inside the sanctuary of our home. Air quality within the home has always been important to me. I’m glad to see that the PureAC is now widely available for all families who are likewise concerned about the air they breathe.

In these times the most important thing we all need is to breathe clean, healthy, safe air. We should feel comfortable and safe within our homes and other locations. PureAC’s goal is to make it so that all air is pure air.