Getting Your Mini-Split System Ready for Fall: Switching from Cooling to Heating

Getting Your Mini-Split System Ready for Fall: Switching from Cooling to Heating

As the dog days of summer wind down and soon the crisp autumn breeze will begin to replace the warmth of summer, it's time to prepare to transition your home from air conditioning to heating. If you have a mini-split system, making this switch is a breeze – pun intended! With a few simple steps, you can ensure that your indoor environment remains comfortable and energy-efficient throughout the fall season. Let's delve into the process of preparing your mini-split system for the cooler months.


  1. Turn Off the Cooling Mode:

Before making any adjustments, start by turning off the cooling mode of your mini-split system. This ensures a smooth transition to heating and prevents any potential issues during the mode switch.


  1. Inspect and Clean Filters:

Clean and well-maintained filters are essential for efficient operation. As you prepare for the fall, take a moment to inspect your filters. If they're dirty, give them a thorough cleaning or replace them. This simple step improves the indoor air quality and enhances the system's performance.


  1. Clear the Area Around the Outdoor Unit:

If your mini-split system has an outdoor unit, clear away any leaves, debris, or obstructions that might have accumulated during the summer. A clean outdoor unit allows for optimal airflow and efficient operation.


  1. Check for Obstructions around Indoor Unit:

Ensure that the area around the indoor unit is free from furniture or objects that might block airflow. Proper circulation is crucial for even heating distribution.


  1. Adjust the Thermostat:

If your mini-split system has a built-in thermostat, set the desired temperature for heating. This will ensure that the system operates at your preferred comfort level during the fall season.


  1. Switch to Heating Mode:

Use the remote control to switch your mini-split system to heating mode. Most mini-splits have a dedicated button for switching modes. Make the switch and give the system a few minutes to adjust.


  1. Monitor for Proper Operation:

Once the system is in heating mode, pay attention to the air being delivered. It might take a short while for the system to start delivering warm air. Make sure that the air is at the expected temperature and that the system is maintaining your desired comfort level.


  1. Make Adjustments as Needed:

Depending on the temperature outside and your personal preferences, you might need to adjust the thermostat settings, fan speed, or airflow direction. Fine-tune these settings to achieve optimal comfort.


  1. Schedule Professional Maintenance:

As the fall season begins, consider scheduling professional maintenance for your mini-split system. A trained technician can inspect the system, identify any issues, and perform routine maintenance tasks. Regular maintenance keeps your system running efficiently and extends its lifespan.


  1. Disinfect Your Air Handlers:

Throughout the summer months of AC use your air handler has accumulated a tremendous amount of condensation. This condensation creates the perfect environment for mold and mildew growth. As you switch your cooling and heating modes it’s the perfect time to disinfect the inside your unit. One very easy way to do this is by using PureAC which simply covers the wall handler and uses a contained disinfecting gas. This gas can get everywhere inside your unit where even a professional cleaning can’t. This will ensure the air blowing from the mini-split into your home is pure uncontaminated air.


  1. Embrace Energy Efficiency:

Fall is a great time to adopt energy-efficient practices. Take advantage of the milder temperatures by utilizing your mini-split system judiciously. Open windows to let in fresh air during pleasant days and close them when it gets chilly. This approach reduces the load on your HVAC system and saves energy.


In conclusion, preparing your mini-split system for the fall season involves a series of simple yet crucial steps. By turning off cooling mode, cleaning filters, clearing obstructions, adjusting settings, disinfecting the units and scheduling maintenance, you ensure that your home remains cozy and comfortable as the temperatures drop. With a well-maintained mini-split system, you'll be ready to embrace the beauty of autumn without compromising on indoor comfort.
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